We are offer high volume forms processing solutions. A combination of the world's best ICR/OMR applications and internally developed Image View Applications enables ISN to give you an edge in terms of pricing and clock finish turnaround time.

An output delivered in delimited text (tab/comma/pipe) can be readily imported into any of the application software used by the end users.

We process both the structured and non-structured forms. The structured forms which are usually in tabular / columnar format are easily processed. Where as non-structured forms i.e. Questionnaires or survey forms are also processed through sophisticated tools and manual entry.


Data Transcription Process

   Onsite Process

   Offshore Process

Requirement Collection

Before getting into the process the expertise team of our unit will sort out all the basic requirements to fulfill the Clients need. The detailed requirements are analyzed and approvals from the client are obtained before the commencement of the project.

Document Collection

This is nothing but collection of data from the client that are needed to be processed and segregated in a manner to make the work simpler and easier to handle both to the client and as well as the vendor. Once the data is identified and segregated, it becomes easier to get that processed.

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Document Sorting

Sorting and coding is done prior to data capture. Thousands of documents pass through the hands of our staff each day. Our Document Prep staff also processes exception items. Many of our clients, initially drawn for data capture and data processing, decide to out source the pre-capture document preparation function as well, ensuring an efficient and seamless process, full accountability and unmatched quality. Proper preparation helps in efficient data capture, processing and quicker turnaround time. Highly trained clerical personnel and experienced managers provide pre-processing support regardless of the size of the task or the level of complexity.

Data Scanning

Our expertise in this field is unmatched. Wherever there is a problem in transferring real time data due to security and other valid reasons. We make use of this technology which helps us in getting the data by converting into TIFF/ PDF images which ever is feasible / worthwhile in the given conditions; Which could later be saved as files and could be transferred through the internet or in floppies / tape drives etc. There by leaving the original data safe and secure with the customer. We make use of high-end scanners which are very accurate and very fast for capturing the image.

Scanned Images are encrypted

The scanned images are encrypted with the help of tripleDES/ Blowfish algorithm. The encrypted images are then formatted and uploaded through secured FTP for further process.

Uploaded in secure FTP

The encrypted files are checked for virus and are uploaded through high-speed Internet connection with the secured FTP service.

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