Our vast experience in expediting and automating the processing cycle means our clients get the information they need when they need it, quickly and easily. We are the industry leader for specialized processing of the HCFA-1500 (CMS-1500) forms, Medicare claim forms and insurance claim forms from Hard Copy to Electronic Format. We employ more than 250 full time trained personnel in Offshore Outsourcing Production House, working round the clock in three shifts, converting the hard copy Insurance Claim forms into client specific electronic format and delivering the processed data within the required Turn-Around-Time.

We have excellent state of art telecommunication and data transfer infrastructure for claim processing.Our Outsourcing success in Insurance related operation is based on following important elements:

   Facility and Infrastructure



   Staff Quality

We provide large-scale data capture, data conversion and database maintenance services to clients in a wide variety of industries in the USA and India.Our location in Chennai, India is strategically positioned at the gateway to the fast-growing cost effective benefits of converting their paper documents to digital format for easy document management, retrieval and archiving.We also offer services in specialized applications such as high level SGML/HTML and XML.

"Success depends on a well-defined strategy, smooth integration and successful implementation with seamless integration."

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