Coesys Solutions J2EE Center of Excellence focuses on the delivery of large enterprise Java solutions for our customers. The team delivers technical excellence through the development of system architectures, applications development capabilities and reusable enterprise components.

Coesys Solutions uses J2EE in sync with its eBusiness capabilities to provide the foundation for the next generation of large enterprise application development.

Solution Offerings

The J2EE Center of excellence provides the following services to our global clients:

   Architecture and Technology Consulting

   Solution Development and Implementation of best practices like Service oriented architectures (SOA), Web Services and design patterns

   Mentoring clients on J2EE tools technologies and products

   Implementing large system J2EE reference architectures


In order to cater to the growing demand of J2EE solutions, Coesys Solutions has dedicated a team of senior resources including architects, designers and developers, with core expertise in Java technologies, specifications, products, tools and reusable components. The team members include Sun Certified Java professionals as well as certified experts on market-leading application server platforms including IBM Websphere, BEA WebLogic, Oracle and open source platforms like JBoss.

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