Today’s enterprise solutions form the backbone of the businesses worldwide through which most of the transactions flow. At Coesys Solutions, we draw on our expertise and experience with enterprise solutions development to help you navigate through the complexities and deliver the value- based solutions your business needs.

Solution Offerings

Our enterprise solutions offerings include

Enterprise Resource Planning

Our main focus is to assist organizations with the business process, analysis, planning, selection, implementation, and on-going management of enterprise resource planning solutions. At Jean Martin we have expertise in the leading ERP products including:

   Oracle Applications

Coesys Solutions has developed Rapid Solutions Environment, an integrated implementation methodology for all our ERP-based services. Our in-depth experience of the project life cycle enhances Jean Martin's ability to deliver significant ERP services and solutions to our clients.

Customer Relationship Management

At Coesys Solutions, we understand not only the technology solutions, but also the business strategies that will allow you to achieve your goals including:

   Improve customer satisfaction and service.
   Increased sales
   Decreased costs
   Improved customer retention
   Increase brand loyalty
   Increased business competitiveness

We have accumulated in-depth knowledge of leading CRM products including:


Success Story

Implementation and Customization of the CRM solution for a leading insurance organization

Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing

In today's competitive environment, the volume and complexity of information available to organizations can be overwhelming. Companies who are able to organize and analyze this data can become more responsive to customers and competitors in the marketplace. Data Warehousing and Business intelligence (BI) systems have therefore become critical to most businesses.

At Coesys Solutions, our service offerings are directed towards planning, implementation and maintenance of leading solutions such as:

   Business Objects

We have in-depth DW & BI experience that spans various industry domains, technologies and tools.

Success Story

Business Intelligence solution for a Bio Technology product & services provider

Enterprise Application Integration

Today’s complex business environment demands application and process integration both inside and outside the enterprise. Enterprise Integration tools and technologies address the unique challenges that this integration poses.

Jean Martin has gained extensive experience in the Integration and e-Business services market over the past few years. We have proven expertise in middleware products, applications and tools such as:

   WebSphere MQ

Our functional and technical expertise in enterprise solutions, data warehousing and eBusiness complement our expertise in integration.

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